Terms of Use

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Terms of Service – Used Hardware Store

I. General provisions

  1. Used Hardware Store is a paid service of selling customer-owned used devices on their behalf, offered by our company.
  2. We (the Unlimited) are just an intermediary (we act as an advertising and transaction portal) in the transaction on the line of the advertiser – the buyer.
  3. The cost of using the service is 10% on the value of the device being issued.
  4. The amount meant in I.3 is not refundable in case of any complaints.

II. Sale of devices in the “Tested” category

  1. The equipment must fullfil 4 conditions to get placed in “Tested” category:
    • current pictures of the device with date
    • current picture from the device’s interface
    • purchase invoice for the device
    • seals on devices
  2. Devices from the “Tested” category have proven efficiency.
  3. We provide yearly support for tested devices.

III.Sale of devices in the “Untested” category

  1. A device that does not fulfill the conditions specified in II.1. may be assigned to the category “Untested”.
  2. Our company is not responsible for any equipment failures, and thus, we do not take any part in the process of returns or complaints.